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Your Safety Is Our Top Priority - Our In-Studio Safety Measures 


Your safety is our top priority, Bikergang. We continue to strive to ensure a fun and SAFE rider experience with our current safety measures:


Mask Requirements 

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Masks are mandatory and required to be worn by all riders and staff in all areas of the studio when not clipped into a spin bike.


Vaccination Requirements 

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All riders are required to present proof of full vaccination to attend spin classes (we are not accepting negative Covid-19 PCR tests). In addition, all staff members are also fully vaccinated. 


Deep Cleaning Procedures

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The front-of-house staff in our studios diligently follow cleaning procedures between classes, including the sanitization of the spin room, bikes, change rooms, spin shoes, and high touch areas. Electrostatic disinfectant sprayers are also used to clean surfaces in our studios to ensure the highest possible sanitation.

These measures, along with our hard-working crew, are in place to keep our community healthy and make our studios a safe place for every body. 

We're proud to provide the safest riding experience with you all and look forward to growing through and out of this pandemic with you all!