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Men's Health: A Message from Meagan Kelm

With Movember winding down, it's important to be reminded of the importance of supporting Men's Health. We have a very special message from our very own motivator Meagan Kelm on her personal experience and why you should support Movember. Keep reading to hear her story...

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A Message from Meagan

First things first I have to say what we all know and feel Cancer sucks!! We all have our own stories and experiences with cancer and we will unfortunately continue to experience it throughout our life.

My experience with it has been long and intimate. Both myself and my boyfriend are survivors and when you beat it you feel relief, joy and a bit of guilt because you know so many people are struggling with it and you made it out.


My connection with Movember and men’s health is very personal. My father was diagnosed a few years ago with prostate cancer. He went through surgery where they told him they hadn’t been able to get it all and it would eventually come back. It came back about 7 months ago and we have now started the process of radiation and other therapies.


There is a feeling of helplessness when a parent gets diagnosed and becomes sick; the person who has been your superhero, the one who has always taken care of you, you are faced with the reality that they are human and bad things can happen to them. Watching and contributing to the Movember fundraising campaign and seeing its growth has really helped with those feelings. Seeing all the individuals and organizations that work to raise funds for the campaign gives you a sense of hope and community.


This is an important campaign because I think it shows that the dialogue is changing. In a world full of hyper and toxic masculinity where men don’t get sick and don’t go to the doctor because they are “tough” it is great to see things are opening up. We are talking about the taboo and having those tough conversations. The level of awareness and education around men's health has grown so much and Movember plays a huge role in this.


I want to thank my YEG Cycle family and all of the Bikergang for helping raise money for men’s health. Everyone will have their own experiences and stories with cancer and I am really appreciative of all of you because you are helping to light up the dark times in my story.


Please Please join me for a fundraising ride to raise a few more dollars for the finale of Movember. December 7th at 4:30pm  it will be DJ Thomas Scott, Andrew and myself riding for a cause. We would love if you could join us!


Much Love 



Donate here to support Movember & Men's Health!

Our campaign closes November 29th, so make sure to get your donations in!