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It’s getting down to the wire and you’ve had 80% of your Passport to Summer filled out for the last two weeks. The STRUGGLE is real! 

To all those who have completed their cards already and handed them in for their chance to win a 6 month unlimited pass, you guys are killing it but we totally get life and health take priority to the stamp life Getting up to Calgary? HARD. Going to two classes back to back? Yikes! And there wasn’t even an option for our 7am warriors to get a stamp on the passport.

Bikergang, for your last week of Passport to Summer we want to see you work your butts off, but we also want you to hand in those completed passports like a boss! To make your lives (only a teeeeeny bit) easier we have four hacks for you to finish off those stamps. 


1: Any class you take counts for a space on the passport that has a clock on it.

This is for you 7am warriors, our evening superstars, and everyone who have late canceled their 6am ride when their alarm went off, rolled over and went back to sleep. Use this hack for as many spaces with a clock that you have left!


2: Instead of taking a road trip to Calgary, tag YYC Cycle in a post-spin selfie on social media and show it to any of our Crew 



Not all of us have time for a casual 3 hours drive to snag a stamp (although we know some of you WOULD make the trip) so this one's for you ;) 


3: Instead of doing a double ride (back-to-back) classes, give a double high five!



That’s right, two hands high in the air congratulating one of your fellow Bikergang on a job well done! Use this hack up to two times on the double ride spaces on the Passport to Summer!


Finally, if you still don’t think you’ll get enough stamps to enter your Passport to Summer in our competition, we KNOW you can make it to that 25 stamp goal and grab yourself one of our limited edition water bottles! Whoop Whoop!!



One week left Bikergang! What are you going to do with it?!