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Raise Your Bottles: Our Bikergang H20 Challenge for You

Have you ever noticed there’s always someone in your life telling you to drink more water? From your mom, to your teachers, to your YEG Cycle Motivator...well maybe they all have a point.

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Water is one of the big three, as in one of the most important things we need not only to live but to live well. It is so much more than a tool for survival, it’s a rejuvenation for our whole system, a power up, a body stabilizer and healer.

Now don’t get us wrong about the ‘healer’ part, pouring water over a broken arm isn’t about to make any miracles happen but drinking water is one of the easiest ways to prevent dehydration, whose symptoms can include back aches, headaches, hang overs (sly winky face), and even cramps.

Now before you tell us that we, like your mom, don’t need to remind you to drink more water, we have a challenge for you that’s going to make your new found hydration rejuvenation much more compelling!

We are so excited to announce our collaboration with Arctic Chiller water who provides us with our killer custom labeled water bottles! As we approach these hot summer days with anticipation we want our Bikergang feeling refreshed, healthy and of course, hydrated!!

Now for the Contest! Arctic Chiller will be giving away a FREE 20 Ride Pass to be used at any YEG Spin Studio, whether you are a new rider or an OG Bikergang, these 20 passes could get you spinning into the next season!


Here’s How To Enter:

  1. Follow both @arctic_chiller & our new @homeofthebikergang page on Instagram

  2. Share our original contest post to your Instastory

  3. Enter by April 29th, 2019


BONUS ENTRY: Share your post-spin-glow selfie and use #HOMEOFTHEBIKERGANG & #H2OChallenge in either a general feed post on Insta story.

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Still finding it hard to stay hydrated on the regular? Arctic Chiller has provided our Bikergang with 4 ways to keep yourself accountable and get that amazing H2O into your system!

  1. Set alarms or reminders to make sure your staying on track. For example, 1 bottle per 2 hours.

  2. Get a bigger bottle. Bigger bottle means having to refill it less which in turn creates less work for you making it more convenient to meet your goal.

  3. Drink a glass before each meal. Not only does this help get your daily dose of H2O it helps with digestion.

  4. Mix it up! Add fruit or even cucumber to your water to keep yourself from getting bored of the same old thing.2


Stay Hydrated out there Bikergang, we love you!