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It’s our birth week and we’re not just celebrating our birthday, we’re celebrating you--our Bikergang!

We’re grateful we’ve built meaningful connections with our Bikergang community, sharing cherishable moments, and motivating us to be the version of ourselves every time we spin together.

We sat down with six of our riders and asked them how YEG Cycle has impacted them. Curious to see what they had to say? Read on below and find out why we feel so freakin’ lucky to call you all...The Bikergang.

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"There are a few places you come across that have communities so open and inviting that you feel honoured when other people refer to them as “your crew”. The YEG Cycle Bikergang has become that for me. They will push you on that bike, to the point that you’re silently swearing during what feels like a 10-minute hover, then sit down and let you vent about the chaos of your life in the lounge, sometimes all in the same day. To have a community that is equally excited to see you on a bike, as you are to be in class, is really special. It’s like having a new, loving, kind of dysfunctional-in-a-good-way, family, that just happens to all love riding stationary bikes to dope beats and bright lights. So more than just a studio that helps keep me fit, it has given me a community and so many special friendships that I know will last a lifetime. Thanks, YEG Cycle."

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"YEG Cycle is an important part of my life and I am so thankful for it. I have been alcohol-free for three years now. I started on this journey because of health reasons. As a part of my new lifestyle, I started to exercise. I tried different health programs and regimes and didn’t quite find the right fit. I knew about YEG Cycle but was a skeptic at first. Thanks to close friends, they brought me to my first class. Wow! To think where I started and where I am now with my spin technic and level of fitness, it is night and day. Spin has changed my life for the better. YEG Cycle is a solid, comprehensive workout that also has a vibrant community of amazing, lovely people from motivators and staff to fellow riders. It is about passion, self-improvement, exercise and the fellowship of the Bikergang. I have done other spin classes with other companies and I enjoyed the workout, but YEG Cycle is the system and community for me. I can’t imagine my life without it for now. Thanks to everyone involved with YEG Cycle and Happy Bikergang Birthday!"

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"Before setting foot into YEG Cycle, I thought spin was just another fad. Yet here I am, over 150 classes later and going strong. At first, I went for the lights and music. By now, it has become more than that - it's an hour that I devote to myself. When I enter the studio, nothing else matters because I leave it all outside. I just focus on myself in the present and tackle the resistance knob.

But maybe spin has also changed my life outside the studio because when we face one challenge, it sets us up to face the next one. Every class, we fight to find our limits and push past them. We emerge from each class stronger, both physically and mentally, more prepared to handle our daily obstacles. YEG Cycle is a place where I practice this skill along with so many others. It's a community where we fight together to be stronger than yesterday.

Some people ask me if it's worth paying to sit on a stationary bike in a dark room and pedal to nowhere. For me, the answer is a resounding yes."

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"I have never felt as excited, motivated and passionate about working out until I came to YEG cycle. The atmosphere, the motivators, the music, and the people are everything. Never in a million years did I think I would love to spin this much. I have been going for over a year now and it has changed my life, thank you YEG Cycle."

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"No matter what kind of day I’ve had, no matter what kind of headspace I’m in, I know that all I have to do is show up. YEG Cycle holds space for me to come in and to leave it all on the bike. Nothing else matters except my presence in that room. I draw from the collective strength of the other riders because I know that every one of them is dealing with something. And I leave that space reminded that I am enough."

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"YEG Cycle is an environment that will always motivate you. This is the one place where I’m completely immersed by positive energy, positive vibe, and positive people. It’s a great feeling to have every time I get on that bike."


To show you our gratitude, and how lucky we are to have you a part of our family. We’ve got 2X the Perkville points during our birth week, $10 drop-ins at our Bikergang Birthday on March 17th, and tasty treats coming your way along with other festivities!


We can’t wait to celebrate with you and we’ll see you at the party!