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Is it just us or do you also feel a spring to your step? So long winter--goodbye! Bother us no more! You know what’s next Bikergang...That’s right, it’s officially the time to whip out the shorts, t-shirts, the shades! Most importantly, it’s time to grab a broom and start spring cleaning. Yes, you heard us right...the broom. Sorry, we had to burst your bubble but before you go out and get ahead of yourself, let’s settle a few things on the effects of the winter hibernation as we approach spring. The season of rebirth and changes.

Channeling Marie Kondo

“Do these 5-year-old Lululemon pants still spark joy?”...“No, they do not.”

We all have a secret hoarder side to us--I mean who doesn’t have a collection of spin wear, sweaters, or shoes growing in a corner? No matter what you collect, you have to admit that the fond memories we’ve attached to them also eat at us which enables us to hold onto things that no longer serve us any purpose. As we continue down that path, we grow a little more anxious and feel more constricted. We don’t need that. What we really need is room to breathe in and the feeling of clarity. I mean do you really need to hold onto a stained shirt that you wore to your first concert? Let’s practice letting go of the old and welcoming the new. 

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“Accept that you can’t change people but you can change how you choose to react.”

It isn’t only about getting rid of material things but it’s also a chance for us to get introspective with our individual relationships as well--whether it’s romantic, friends, family or colleagues. As sensitive and emotional the process is, we have to acknowledge it in order for ourselves to move on and create contentment within ourselves. Surround yourself with people that not only cheer for your success but push and challenge you positively at the same time. Take this time to set healthy boundaries with others but most importantly set one with yourself too--you’re too damn special to be taken for granted.  

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“I am enough.”

We don’t give ourselves enough credit when it comes to the strength we carry as we ride life’s waves. It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of things but you also have to recognize that if you don’t take the time to disassociate your mind from the constant traffic, it will burn you out--not just physically but mentally too. Let go of old habits, your old mindset and start by taking the time to re-introduce and reinvent yourself. Go on lunch dates with yourself, get some puppy therapy, walk around downtown or come to a spin class! ;) Whatever it may be, put yourself first--you owe it to yourself. 

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Now that you’ve got the tea, let’s practice the art of letting go, celebrating spring with a new mindset, a new version of yourself and inviting exciting things into your life. You owe it to yourself because it’s time. Now you can go spin and be happy under the long-awaited sunshine.